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Welcome to

The web site to find the party idea, venue, theme or service for any birthday, corporate event or party.

Why have a party?

Because they are fun and it is easy to think of an excuse to have one. Perfect excuses are:

to celebrate any birthday, anniversary, corporate event, treating work colleagues or simply getting friends and family together.

Can I try an original party idea?

So many themes have been tried in the past, but I'm sure that you'll think of one if you put your mind to it. Whether you are looking for ideas for birthday party, theme party, halloween, salsa evening, hen party or any other party idea; you will be able to browse through loads of themes right here and use these as a starting point; and hopefully you will be able to come up with your own original idea.

How do I plan a party?

To help you with the planning of your party you will need a party planner (funnily enough) which can be located here. This is an itinerary of sequential steps toward the perfect party. Either print it out as it is or cut and paste it into a word processor and edit it to your requirements.

Are looking for a different kind of venue?

The venue is probably the most important decision you will have to make. will help you find the right location: we have maps to guide you and we can help you by checking out the location. Try asking the local tourist board for places of local interest - they might welcome the revenue towards the upkeep of their building. A few examples are shown below:

Brighton Pavilion - an unusual venue for any wedding or corporate event

Natural History Museum - corporate events and functions

Chiddingstone Castle - a venue in a rural area any wedding, party or function

After the venue what are the basic ingredients for a good party?

The basic ingredients for a good party are: venue, food, drink, and entertainment (guests are also fairly important!!) These are just some of the options:

a) Do the catering yourself

b) Let a local restaurant do the catering (an option worth checking out)

c) The local supermarket for food, drink and some provide a catering service.

d) Booze cruise (this can also make a fun day out).

e) A disco

f) Live entertainment - musicians, games night, Murder mystery etc.

The list is endless; check out the rest of the site for more ideas.

What about party services?

Whether you are looking to hire a venue or you are looking for a theme, then can help you locate the relevant service in your area.

What area does cover? is located in the South East (UK), so the present information on venues, and services are in the following ares





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